Bad Sugar Rush - Liar/push Me 7"

€ 15.99

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Label: H42
Catalog number: H4272
EAN code: 0784228508912
Release date: 22-4-2021

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The Bad Sugar Rush's rhythm section consisting of scene veteran Peter Zettl on drums and Minyeong Fischer on bass provide much more than only a meat-and-potatoes solid foundation for Josko Joke-tovic's (Glanville) intricate guitar work. Sure, the guys often allow for the guitars to simply slap a big bunch of grated cheese over their perfectly-made lasagna. But that would be only half as great if there wasn't some next-level interaction going on with intertwining bass, guitar and drum patterns showcasing a tightly knit unit who know what they're doing and have something to say. Soaring above all that are the powerful vocals of Ren? Hofmann (Wight, Glanville), lending a definite soul feeling to the music while never losing their rock'n'roll edge - definitely a match made in heaven. Or in the devil's kitchen, who knows...