Phantom Pain - Phantom Pain 12"

€ 18.99

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Catalog number: SCHANDE2
EAN code: 2090405414296
Release date: 17-9-2021

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The hardcore-punk duo from Bielefeld was at the Raketenstudio and came back with a fat mix of hardcore beats and punk guitares. Raw, aggressive vocals pair with Oi-like verbal effusions. Issues such as apocalypse, pollution and human incompetence are treated in the same way as really important things like social media. If the Demo tape ?zcoffee to go?o, only guesses wich divisions the two guys want to penetrate, it is now clear what they are doing. Fans of classic hardcore get their moneyAs worth here as well as punk lovers. The second release on SchAdelbruch Platten is short but very haunting. 12?o (because of beautiful), nicely packeged and limited to 300 pieces.