Mastica - Restyling 12"

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Catalog number: TEENS44
Release date: 30-11-2006
EAN code: 2090502761675

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Limited edition. TRACKLIST: "Sotto cieli lontani", "S(e)ventrando", "Lettera aperta a "Il ragno", "Uccido il blues". They are one of the best psychedelic Italian bands, pure late sixties sound, between the last fires of the late beat era and the strongly psychedelic hard blues rise.Theyre young, with a spectacular look, impeccable during the live shows. Their songs are direct and incisive. Theyre the original witnesses of a musical era called underground during the late Italian sixties. Their sound is born from an original vintage equipment. The lyrics are in Italian. The singers prodigious voice and the very high technical level are enriched by the Hammond organ recent entry, Apollo Negri (from Link Quartet, Wicked Minds) with his unbelievable sound impact, by the new guitar player Andrea Garbo (former Slowtime Mondays) with his great distortions and sound effects. Mastica are well known in the mod-sixties European scene thanks to the several live shows in important festivals (Euro Ye Ye, A Hazy Shade of Winter, Le Beat Bespok?, Go Lleida, Magic Festival, Beat Epoque etc.). Now Mastica are becoming a cult band even out the sixties scene, as proved by the European tours.