Agentss - Agentss 12"

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EAN code: 8435008859961
Catalog number: BEATLP88
Release date: 24-6-2022

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A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil!Finally gathered in a 12" the two 7" of the seminal band Agentss, ground zero of Brazilian post-punk. Originally released in 82 and 83, until now these recordings were only available in their original format.Their members were key figures of the Sao Paulo underground, after the band split-up they went to create important bands such as Voluntarios da Patria, Azul 29, Violeta de Outono and Mumia.The track "Agentes" was included in the "Nao Wave" (Brazilian Post Punk 1982 - 1988) compilation released by Man Recordings in 2005.The release comes with an insert featuring unpublished photos and texts telling the story of the band.