Wagonman & Blaastaal - Radio Centraal Sessions (10") 10"

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Release date: 29-9-2021
EAN code: 3481575465499
Catalog number: WMEP6

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5 tracks taken from the release "Wagonman Meets Blaastaal" and "Wagonman Met Blaastaal Again" two cassette tapes releaed in 2017. Musician Luc "Wagonman" Waegeman with writer, poetry and paint artist Bert "Blaastaal" Lezy. All is recorded live during "Blaastaal" sessions at Radio Centraal in 2017. The ultimate symbiosis of experimental electro, noise collision and texts (Dutch language lessons, old tv series conversations, cooking poetry, etc....) With other tracks the magic of Flemish news snippets becomes the most clever and humoristic way of criticizing the politics today. Absurd sound collages with samples, text, electronics, dark wave style and brushed madness!