Vincent, Gene - Rainy Day Sunshine (10") 10"

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EAN code: 6418594517561
Catalog number: BLR451756
Release date: 20-6-2022

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What we got here is the Gene Vincent EP "Rainy Day Sunshine" released for the very first time ever using the original analog audio session tapes. The four songs on this EP were originally recorded in 1969 as self-financed demo by Gene Vincent himself when he was shopping for a record deal. But don't let the word "demo" fool you. These are professionally made recordings with obviously professional musicians - even though we don't know who each one of them is - of well-arranged songs.The greasiest of the 1950's rockers, Gene Vincent, was no longer a trendsetter in the 1960's. But he definitely followed the trends of the day instead of giving up and becoming a golden oldies act, as his last four albums made before his premature death demonstrate. So do these four charming recordings.