Ritual Howls - Ritual Howls (10 Year Deluxe Edition) Lp
  • Ritual Howls - Ritual Howls (10 Year Deluxe Edition) Lp

Ritual Howls - Ritual Howls (10 Year Deluxe Edition) Lp

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- Detroit based 3-piece combining a blend of industrial,deathrock, drum machines, gothic elements, soundtrackscapes, spaghetti western guitars and a thick, rumblingbass tone- Features new mixes by Adam Stilson, mastering byRafael Anton Irisarri and a re-imagining of the originalartwork by Chris Samuels- The vinyl & CD packaging includes a 12-page booklet ofphotos, lyrics and images from the original release (2012/2013)//The story of Ritual Howls begins in a southwest Detroit basement in the early winter of 2012. Singer/guitarist Paul Bancell had been writing and performing solo as well as in several bands and was looking for collaborators for a new project. Ben Saginaw (bass) and Chris Samuels (synths, drums, drum machines) were acquatances that became natural fits. With the help of a friend (Jeff Navarre), they recorded their first full-length in Ben's art studio using a laptop. Paul tracked vocals at home in his bedroom and, not wanting to relinquish control, mixed and mastered the album himself. A formidable introduction to the band's haunting, cinematic blend of twangy industrial rock, their self-titled album established the band as a unique force in the landscape of dark music, both pastand present. Separated by a decade, four LPs, two EPs later, Ritual Howls is an impressively cohesive first effort and testament to the band's vision that, even in its infancy, forged a distinct sound that has only matured with perfection over time.

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