Rhino Bucket - The Last Real Rock N'roll (clear Vinyl) Lp
  • Rhino Bucket - The Last Real Rock N'roll (clear Vinyl) Lp

Rhino Bucket - The Last Real Rock N'roll (clear Vinyl) Lp

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[ENG]"We never did a ballad. Never will," states Rhino Bucket singer/rhythm guitarist Georg Dolivo. And the dozen songs on Rhino Bucket's aptly titled seventh studio album bear witness to his statement: The dirty dozen tunes on The Last Real Rock N' Roll are no-holdsbarred rockers boasting irresistible sing-along choruses, stellar solos, and gut-roiling rhythm section - if you don't stomp your feet to "Falling Down the Stairs" and bang your head to "The Devil You Know," check your pulse. Rhino Bucket has lost none of the hunger, propulsion, beer drinkin' ' hell-raising that they began with in 1988, leading Jesse Fink, author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, to boldly state: "More than any other band, Rhino Bucket has awakened the ghost of Bon Scott. His spirit lives in their music. They're more AC/DC than AC/DC - and that's saying something." Produced by Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), Rhino Bucket is also joined by original guitarist and co-founder Greg Fields, who co-wrote three songs, with Dolivo observing, "It was nice to combine the beginning spirit of the band with where we are now." "Topping off the weekend with some Rhino Bucket, and I've got that sucker turned up to 10. Shaking the House." - Steven King, Twitter, March 5, 2017 - "No nonesense, kick ass rock at it's best. Always nice to have new music from Rhino Bucket!" - Eddie Trunk, Trunknation, SiriusXM - "In a world filled with bands of every genre and label, Rhino Bucket plays pure bad ass rock 'n' roll! " - Riki Rachtman - "The only band that can drink me under the table! Rhino Bucket gives me a reason to go to the record store!" - Luc Carl, SiriusXM - [GER]"We never did a ballad. Never will,..." sagte Sänger/Gitarrist Georg Dolivo und dass wiederspiegeln auch die Songs auf dem neuen Album. RHINO BUCKET zeigen erneut welche Energie in ihrer Musik steckt und verlieren auf "The Last Real Rock N' Roll" nicht einen Hauch ihrer Geschwindigkeit. Mit ihrem siebten Album stellt die Band wieder unter Beweis, dass sie wasch...

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