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20 years of sound system, 20 years of studio, 20 years atburn the dancefloors, soak up the history of reggaeand the best of bass music to create a dub soundone of a kind. From the French Alps, from theheart of Geneva nightlife, the most warrior soundsystems de l'hexagone overlooks the Dub sound system stageinternational. Far from the classic paths, O.B.F has developedits sound and expanded its activities to become a realphenomenon of independence.With the release of their new album "LAVA" the crewwins a new stage in its endless quest for dub"new era", this dub bursting with modern influences andunquestionably forward-looking. At the crossroads of stylescontemporary urban, resolutely bass music, flirting with therap, club music or dancehall, LAVA dub soundsheavy. No half measures, O.B.F stirs up the sound material,O.B.F cooks music to make the big sound smokesystems and this new album is the new illustrationperfect. "LAVA" is the O.B.F Sound System crew in fusion,it's the MC team and the producer warming upstudio until the eruption of spontaneous vibes. pure energysessions of a tight-knit collective compressed onthe wafer. Alternately or as a duo, Beln Natal (Argentina),Charlie P (UK), Sr Wilson (Spain), Junior Roy (France) andthe late Jamaican dub poet Nazamba blow fire inthe mic. English, French, Jamaican slang and Spanishcollide, thus consecrating the transnational identityby O.B.F.

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