Gad, Marcus -meets Tamal- - Brave New World Lp

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Catalog number: HRL3
EAN code: 3760248833859
Release date: 3-12-2021

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The two long time collaborators (Tamal is also theexceptional F.O.H. engineer for Marcus live performanceswith his impeccable young band "Tribe") found themselvesstranded in Paris during lockdown. In full confinement thetwo alchemists convert their journey, understandings andemotions into a new journey of unique musical exploration.Through these 12 new tracks, they invite us to live with them,on a journey in a new space. It is the report of their findingsin this world, they invite us to enter, see through their senses,translate their language and speak this new form of texts,melodies and sound textures they deciphered.