Ska Jazz Messengers - It's Allright 7"

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EAN code: 8445162469630
Catalog number: 723457
Release date: 4-3-2022

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Brand new vinyl single of the Venezuelan ska jazz formation on the Spanish scene label LIQUIDATOR. The SKA JAZZ MESSENGERS from Caracas have surprisingly already received a lot of international attention for a South American scene band. The septet around singer RUTHSY FUENTES represents a new wave of the genre that simultaneously incorporates traditional influences of the 60s such as modern production and local music influences and moves with ease on an axis between jazz and pop. After their successful debut album "Introspeccion" they now present two new songs: the A-side "It's Alright" picks up on the CURTIS MAYFIELD classic from 1963, which has once again been on everyone's lips as the main musical motif on the Pixar anime production "Soul" since 2020 - of course in a typically charming interpretation of the band. With "Aunque Todo No Este Bien" a first-class original composition is also represented on the B-side. Both songs were mixed by top Argentine musician and producer ESTEBAN DESCALZO. Two brilliant tracks between soul, jazz, ska and pop!