Yabby You & The Prophets/tommy Mccook/king Tubby - King Pharaoh's Plague/plagie Of Horn/king Pharaoh Dub 10"

€ 25.99

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EAN code: 2090505185676
Catalog number: PSTI42
Release date: 4-3-2022

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3 cuts of the classic rhythm from Yabby You. 'King Pharoah's plague is coming down on the land', righteous soulful rendition of old testament doctrine. Yabby always delivered his lyrics with authenticity and passion. This 3 track EP comes with the Tommy McCook cut and a thumping Tubbys dub. One of Yabby's most essential rhythms. Comes in a Pressure Sounds house disco bag. Rocking time is here!