Loggia, Alex - Blue Star Lp

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Catalog number: AP59
EAN code: 3481575073144
Release date: 15-12-2017

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A really long career as musician, guitarist, singer, producer and composer: heres Alex Loggia!For many years he has been a pillar for the band Statuto: with them he took part in 1992 to the Festival di Sanremo (an historical music contest) and he played at Plaza de la Revolucion in Cuba in front of 200,000 people.But he cared many projects and finally now his solo debut!"Blue Star" cross different kind of sounds and groove! From the black music to the beat, brit pop, swing and more.. It has been released thanks to many special guests, such as:Madaski (Africa Unite), Antonio Bacciocchi (Not Moving), Paolo Angelo Parpaglione (Bluebeaters), Gianluca Cato Senatore (Bluebeaters), Ferdinando Masi (Bluebeaters), Riccardo Trissino (Bluebeaters),Enrico Allavena (Bluebeaters), Jose Loggia (Soulful Orchestra), Oscar Giammarinaro (Statuto), Giovanni Deidda (Statuto), Rudy Ruzza (Statuto), Claudio Arfinengo (Finardi), Marco Lamagna (Finardi), Andy Macfarlane (The Rocknroll Kamikaze), Stefano Piri Colosimo (Bandakadabra), Franco Slep Sciancalepore (De Gregori),Marco Ciari (Blind Alley), Sandra Brizzi (Poker), Davide Cuccu (Materianera), Gigi Rivetti, Fabrizio Carrieri, Stefano Bellezza, Oscar Bruno, Andy Caligaris, Alessandro Costa,Roberta Bacciolo, Elena Bacciolo, Roberta Magnetti, Mike Painter, Zak e Julian Loggia (The Minis)Its promotion will be made with a live tour supported by Andy Lewis (former bassist and producer of Paul Weller) and Tony Face Bacciocchi (Not Moving, Link Quartet, Lilith. at the drums)