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Catalog number: STAUBGO162
Release date: 3-9-2021
EAN code: 4015698888768

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[GER]The debut album by Perpignan's finest, featuring Pascal Comelade on piano.The Llamps' members met each other in the surroundings of Perpignan a few years ago. Moved by The Velvet Underground, Ennio Morricone, Noir Desir and L'Agram, the four of them created an alliance between heritage and modernity, pop and hip hop, country and psychedelics, all of it in Catalan, French and English.Their mysterious universe acquires its full dimension live, where salvage poetry and the band's energy mingle and brew.After their first two 7"es, The Llamps present their self-titled debut. Throughout its 12 tracks, the eponymous album is unrepentant in combining the different musical cultures of this atypical group.It is a resolutely modern version of 60s garage rock: simultaneously psychedelic and acidic, it introduces the listener to a sombre and poetic universe of fuzz guitars, tortured keyboards, bursting trumpets and tattered pianos, while a beguiling female voice sings in English, French or Catalan.The Llamps, a fruit of the communal imagination of the four members of the group and their environment of musician and artist friends - of which Pascal Comelade is the common thread -, resounds as a testimony of our times: equally fragile and full of splendour.