Garrie, Nick - The Moon And The Village Lp

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Catalog number:TRLP391
EAN code:4015698012941
Release date:24-11-2017

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Its a thing of great and rare beauty. Its still very much the same Nick Garrie who made that incredible 1969 debut and the 2009 album too, but this time round its Nick Garrie in a more reflective mood. The songs are as strong as ever but have a directness and fragility about them. The sonic settings created by Gary Olson and a supporting cast of players matches the tenderness of the story telling in Nicks songs. The arrangements are from the school of less is more. Nothing is screaming out for attention here but instead every sound perfectly plays its part in bringing the stories in the songs to life. Nick sings about a lost diary and about losing ones way on the albums opener Lois Diary. This track like others on the album has a beautiful sadness about it. Theres no artificial earnestness or over statement, its all perfectly pitched.