Boa, Phillip -& The Voodooclub- - Reduced! (a More Or Less Acoustic Performance) Lp

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Label: CARGO
Catalog number: CARLP3199
EAN code: 4059251150121
Release date: 20-10-2017

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Third pressing! Orange 180g vinyl double album in gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. Includes MP3 download coupon. Unplugged? Acoustic? REDUCED! A Multitrack Recording from Leipzig, 26-28 December 2012. Produced by Georg Tuerk and mixed by Georg Tuerk with Phillip Boa at Sphere Studios in 2013, carefully mastered for vinyl by Eroc in 2017. "We recorded this album in the winter of 2012 at the Moritzbastei in Leipzig/Germany, where we played and recorded 3 whole concerts with a multitrack-system. On these nights we had a guest, the great Celloplayer Anne Mueller from Berlin. We never wanted it to call "Unplugged" or "Acoustic Show". I decided to call it "Reduced!". Our Soundmixer Georg Tuerk recorded every instrument plus the atmosphere of the club. Still the concept was not that of a classic Livealbum. Unlike most of the world's official Livealbums we insisted in correcting absolutely NOTHING of the performance, to keep it raw and intense. We kept all mistakes and little insecurities. On the other hand Georg spent months in the studio to go extremely into details, trying to make every single instrument in the song/mix audible. Although fans of the Voodooclub probably know every song on this album, the songs sound a bit more unusual, often more reduced to the essence of the songs, closer to what the original songwriting was about. So what is it? A live album? A studio album? It is REDUCED! Since our singer Pia will leave the band at the end of the year, this is a fine final document of her contributions to the Voodooclub." Phillip Boa, June 2013