Bartleby Delicate - Deadly Sadly Whatever Lp

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Catalog number: LP6663
EAN code: 4250137266633
Release date: 14-5-2021

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/After a large number of digital singles, BARTLEBY from Luxembourg released DELICATE now his first EP. "Deadly Sadly Whatever" is modern indie folk pop with great tension and a bewitchingly beautiful atmosphere. Comes on CD and Vinyl-12 "on LISTENRECORDS.The aspiring singer / songwriter BARTLEBY DELICATE navigates through the currents of contemporary folk and loop-oriented electronics and focuses on it on stories that he incorporates into his future-oriented compositions. GEORGES GOERENS, the self proclaimed boy from the nineties who is behind this project, manages to break the blogosphere simply by being good at what he does. As the feverish expressionism of his pictures suggests, the music plays on you own territory. The EP "Deadly Sadly Whatever" shows a cinematic quality that pushes the boundaries beyond imagination. Building on the polyphonic breadth of his voice Field recordings merge with subtle arpeggios and melancholic piano chords, all of which are driven by the underlying pulse of a human heart. BARTLEBY DELICATE's voice captures the contradictions and the joie de vivre of millennials and provides the light that penetrates through the cracks of everyday life.