Dreamcoaster - Dreamcoaster Ep 7"

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EAN code: 7427250719408
Catalog number: SN56
Release date: 28-1-2022

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Dreamcoaster are post-punk, noise-pop duo Jane and Andrew Craig, based in Brighton, UK, creating a reputation for their dreamy harmonies, strong melodies and fuzzy guitars. In summer 2018, they started writing songs at home and on holiday and wondered what it would take to start a band again, some twenty years after their last one (Luminous). The pair soon established their style, combining catchy reverb-drenched female vocals, thoughtful lyrics, strong melodies and bold guitar hooks. With an obsessive interest in '80s/'90s indie music, the duo were always going to take influences from the past and reshape them into their own sound. They have since released a number of well received singles and albums, in various formats. During the lockdown period of 2021, the two-piece became four, with Ian (drums) and Becky (bass and vocals) joining and performing a string of live shows. Their first single release on vinyl, this 7" EP provides a good spread of Dreamcoaster sound. Side A kicks off with 'Step Outside', a timely song about being blown away by nature's beauty. Side B starts with 'I Want You', a cheeky unrequited love song, followed by 'Wake Up', a song about sleeping through your alarm clock. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.