Cantos Deus - I'm Your Child 7"

€ 12.99

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Label: Z6
Catalog number: Z6KGZ1
EAN code: 2090505067248
Release date: 19-4-2021

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The second release of Cantos Deus. In this Corona year they thought it was appropriate to release a 7" with 3 songs; the mouth harp-invested 'I'm Your Child' which sends chivers to our spines if we think of the consequences of this statement the singer makes us think to believe... (or believe to think). And then we have the Wally Tax meets flamenco-with-a-wooden-leg stomp called 'Regrets', another highlight in the Cantos Deus story. We end with the immortal 'Valley By The River', a heart breaking story about somebody who seems to be in the neighbourhood of deep water.