Lapassenkoff - Shing & Tse (+10") 12"

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Catalog number: DECALE2
EAN code: 2090504795593
Release date: 14-6-2019

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The year is 1982. New Wave is a phrase, post-punk is a thing. In France, young musicians dream of New York City - some with more devotion than others. Lapassenkoff are there in the early 1980s. Their recordings sounded like a session of John Lurie meeting the Tom Tom Club, and resulted in a unique blend of funk, post-punk, jazz fusion and hip hop. This compilation is a testimony of a decade-long feverish flirt between the Lyon trio and dance music. From the infectious electric boogie cuts 'Shing A Ling' and 'Roadie' to the somehow Euro-house-fuelled 'Ma Poubelle Angelina', and many unclassifiable yet iconic songs the compilation demonstrates that Lapassenkoff took the road less traveled and contributed to a different history of French pop music.