Foyer Des Arts - Die John Peel Sessions 12"

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Catalog number: TR510
Release date: 15-7-2022
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The author Max Goldt is well known to the general public. Not so the musician Max Goldt, who came across the guitarist and songwriter Gerd Pasemann through a classified ad in 1978. Their joint collaboration in the 1980s resulted in the musically contrasting project Foyer des Arts: "Melancholic, sometimes resigned tracks alternated as a matter of course with comic and surreal ones," wrote Max Goldt in the booklet to his CD box set "Draussen die herrliche Sonne". John Peel liked Foyer des Arts so much that he not only played all the songs from the album "Die Unfaehigkeit zu Fruehstuecken" several times on his show, he also invited the duo to record a session and were one of only a few few German-speaking bands to do so.