Hazel-rah - The African Tape (10") 10"

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Catalog number: AT33
Release date: 6-2-2012
EAN code: 3481574223373

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Hazel-Rahs first official release. Prior to these songs, the recorded output had been sparse but pointed, consisting of lo-fi recordings that included several art-songs, a remix/reinvention of Candirias "Pull", and a French horn/baritone guitar duet played by Byrnes and Looker called "Glacier". The Africantape EP "Behold, A Firewall" and "Stars" are indeed the preeminent full-ensemble compositions from Hazel-Rahs first 5 years, captured skillfully onto tape by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Krallice) and masterfully executed in performance by Tim Byrnes, Adam Minkoff, David Andrew Moore, and Charlie Looker (Extra Life). These songs epitomize Hazel-Rahs sound, juxtaposing crushing dissonance with epic cadences, and advanced rhythmic structures with trance-like passages.