Birds Of Passage - Highwaymen In Midnight Masks (10") 10"

€ 23.99

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Catalog number: DENLP116
Release date: 17-12-2011
EAN code: 4024572520199

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In line with the WINTER LADY release, Denovali Records will realize HIGHWAYMENT IN MIDNIGHT MASKS as a 10. On the B-side: i have my heart and forbidden love, a collaboration with prolific artist AIDAN BAKER (NADJA, INFINITE LIGHT LTD). The track juxtaposes Alicia's harsh distorted guitars, with an ethereal flute drone courtesy of Baker. This unassuming contrast of polar opposites has visceral consequences: Alicia's signature vocals sit on top, telling a story of a dark love affair, while Baker's vocal sits below - reduced to an ambient texture. The result: a 'Gregorian Chant' for fans of acid drenched drone, a 'Post, post-rock' love song of epic proportions, a lyrical journey of exploration in to the philosophical depravities of The Marquis de Sade. Also mixed & mastered by NILS FRAHM.