Bhajan Bhoy - That Summer Oh Creator (10") 10"

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Catalog number: WORM72
Release date: 13-11-2020
EAN code: 2090405445849

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BHAJAN BHOY follows the release of "Bless Bless" with a 10" EP.."That Summer Oh Creator!" EP. It features 2 tracks, clocking in at over 17 minutes, that were recorded in June and July 2020 and takes Saggars sonic explorations into even deeper territory. Yes the kosmische psych guitar touches are there, but the 2 beautiful songs are enhanced by pastoral electronica and dynamic field recordings. - "For Robbie Basho" is a musical piece that reflects on the life of one of Ajays musical heroes.moments ofheightened beauty and exaltation and moments of physical and mental suffering that touched Robbie Bashosbrief time on this earth.- "Pinecone" has a pastoral, laidback feel to it. Composed, recorded and produced in one day in Malberg(Germany) at the house of Kat Bornefeld (drummer for The Ex).