Action Beat + G.w. Sok - Action Beat + G.w. Sok (10") 10"

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Catalog number: EJCR98
EAN code: 0600064789813
Release date: 15-9-2014

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Action Beat are an improvisational instrumental noise rock act from Bletchley UK who usually perform with 3-4 drummers and an inordinate about of guitarists. G.W. Sok is the legendary former frontman of Amsterdam's The Ex. In late 2012, Action Beat went into Seizures Palace in Brooklyn, NY with engineer Jason LaFarge (Swans, Akron/Family) and recorded a days worth of music that they spent the next 6 months editing down into the segments that would become the 10 tracks on A Remarkable Machine. The songs were then handed off to G.W. Sok who lent his unique vocal delivery and perspective to the record, resulting in one of the most unexpectedly structured creations in the band's 8 album catalog. Brutal and poetic at the same time, A Remarkable Machine also marks the first US release for Action Beat, and will be issued in limited editions as a 2X10" record.