Palooka 5 - Radio Telescopes Ep 7"
  • Palooka 5 - Radio Telescopes Ep 7"

Palooka 5 - Radio Telescopes Ep 7"

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Palooka 5 play sci-fi surf - think B-52's/Joe Meek, with a 'bad vibrations' modern twist. They tick all the boxes for that curl shootin', shape throwing, surf hoodang in space that you've always dreamed of! Please be aware - a live show will potentially leave you on a space station somewhere between Taunton and the moon, or further... The band released their debut long player 'Rough Magic' in 2018, which was followed in 2020 with 'Ultra Marine', and then a reissue/rebranded 'Rough Magic' in 2021, due to demand. February 2023 saw the release of their 'Alien Grace' long player, to many screams, even getting the full live side aired on the Gideon com show on BBC6 Music!Since inception, Palooka 5 have played more gigs than there are days in a year... The band have received great airplay from the best stations near and far, and have also gained top reviews for their albums and live shows. Whilst gigging in Medway late 2022, Palooka 5 nipped into Jim Riley's Ranscombe Studios and banged out four stompin' hits; these being those very four!Palooka 5 continue to gig all over the land, so go see them at a stage near you! Limited to 500 copies. SIDE 1: 1. Chetsworth Motel 2. Radio Telescopes SIDE 2:1. Kerb Dog2. Ket Ponies

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