Massirraytorr - Twincussion Lp
  • Massirraytorr - Twincussion Lp

Massirraytorr - Twincussion Lp

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Massirraytorr unearths the spell, travels through the mind cave, speaks to the maven, digest the embryo and arrives at the conduit of rock glory with mad respect to Hawkwind while bathing in a stew of Monster Magnet stirred by a disturbed Grand Funk. Once the symphonic riff feast is mangled, tasted and digested, the aerial navigation flows in the rush of Motorhead swimming in a cocktail of cough medicine with the angel of dark lightened with the love of the herb. Accession to the bright light, excavating the compulsion and finally conceding the fragility, Massirraytorr exhumes the cream of the riff, the ointment of the roll with the storm of three guided by the fourth. Ordaining the sound with psyched out Pearl Syncussions, feverish dilated guitar work, supersaturated bass doctrine and slab mud drumming birthing an aperitif of everything before mixed with nothing since landing in the pummeling rubble of clairvoyant earth rock with all dwellers not understanding the life that was and the life that just began... welcome to the head of Massirraytorr. Massirraytorr is a 3 piece and hails from Nanaimo BC Canada, from the same fertile soil as Moths & Locusts, Anunnaki, and Psychedelic Dirt. Co-release by NoiseAgonyMayhem (Canada), The Weird Beard (UK), Echodelick (USA), Fuzzed Up & Astromoon (EU) and Ramble Records (Australia).

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