Jetstream Pony - Sixes And Sevens/into The Sea 7"
  • Jetstream Pony - Sixes And Sevens/into The Sea 7"

Jetstream Pony - Sixes And Sevens/into The Sea 7"

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Jetstream Pony is a mix of indie-pop, power pop and schrammelig post-punk (schrammelig is a German word meaning rough or unrefined music), but also so much more! The band features Beth Arzy on vocals and percussion, Shaun Charman on guitar and vocals, Kerry Boettcher on bass and Hannes Mueller on drums.Jetstream Pony released their debut single 'Like You Less/Had Enough' in late 2017, on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten (KUS) in Germany. Originally recorded as a demo, the label insisted on releasing the original recordings to enthusiastic reviews and radio plays around the world, including BBC6 Music. Two sold out singles followed, leading up to the self-titled debut studio album on KUS and Shelflife Records in May 2020. The album received fantastic reviews, selling out two pressings before being reissued (twice) by Spinout Nuggets in the autumn and reaching many best-of-year lists. Another single release, 'If Not Now, When?,' also sold out later in 2020, and a following mini-album 'Misplaced Words' arrived in December 2021, developing the sound from the debut with a balance between indie-pop and something darker. Beth's smooth vocals, accompanied by twelve-string guitar, are underpinned by heavy bass, vocal harmonies and sometimes by a two-drummer rhythm section. The band celebrated 2022 with gigs in Germany, France, Spain and Portugal as well as the UK. Jetstream Pony are now back with a double A-side 7" single, taking the sound even further. 'Sixes and Sevens' makes the most of Beth's wonderful voice, with echoing guitars and thick heavy bass, a hymn to the Medway. 'Into the Sea' sees Shaun take lead vocals for the first time, with Beth and Kerry providing the harmonies to a more brooding sound. Limited to 500 copies.

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