Johansson, Sven-ake - Konzert F?r 12 Traktoren (picture Disc) 12"

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Release date: 11-9-2015
EAN code: 9120036681996
Catalog number: TR137

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[ENG]The unusual, famous ,Konzert f?r 12 Traktoren" was only performed a few times by twelve tractors built in the 50s and 60s. A symphony produced by old engines - according to this beautiful project Trost releases a special picture disc vinyl.Sven-?ke Johansson (Mariestad, Sweden, 1943) works as a composer, drummer, accordionist, poet, and visual artist. Longtime collaborator of the free improv scene in the German sixties with Kowald, Br?tzmann, Schlippenbach, Reichel. He contributed to numerous exhibitions, publicationsand recordings.,The tractors sing about a time passed by. but no future without memories. So the ,Konzert f?r 12Traktoren" is as well a piece to praise labour". (Ebbe Gilbe)performed by 12 tractors, 2009 in Orust (SE)composed by Sven-Ake Johansson