Bolt Ruin - Obriultn (compilation) 12"

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Catalog number: CIRC6
Release date: 20-6-2020
EAN code: 3481575386947

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A destructive compilation curated by BOLT RUIN. Will be released on Record Store Day 2020 through Consouling Sounds electronic imprint Circuits.BOLT RUIN writes the soundtrack to overgrown industrial wastelands. Destructive signal paths seek the threshold where sound sources collapse beyond repair. The remaining debris is reconstructed into the pillars of dense compositions. Layers of grainy textures, deteriorated tape-loops and warped voices collide with fractured rhythms and thunderous bass.BOLT RUIN shredded all tracks of his self-titled debut (album) to pieces & constructed a new composition out of the debris.In the same manner, he invited five artists to let their inspiring approach to destructive sound-design crash with his source-material.These processes resulted in six completely new productions.Bands included in the compilation:BOLT RUIN, OBSEQUIES, PIANO PRINCESS, FAUSTO MERCIER, JULEK PLOSKI & SIAVASH AMINI.For fans of: Forest Swords, Ben Frost, The Haxan Cloak, Raime, Holy Others, Vessel, Orphax, Lustmord...