Kmd - Black Bastards -red Vinyl- Lp
  • Kmd - Black Bastards -red Vinyl- Lp

Kmd - Black Bastards -red Vinyl- Lp

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Before MF DOOM donned his mask and became one of the most prolificMC-producers of modern Hip-Hop, he was a member of KMD, an early `90srap group whose work still goes criminally under-appreciated to this day.Following their 1991 debut album, Mr. Hood, the former trio shed onemember leaving only two remaining - Subroc and his brother, Zev Love X(better known today as MF DOOM). Originally scheduled for release in 1994,their sophomore album Black Bastards showed clear progression from theirdebut. It was a truly amazing record, both sonically and lyrically, full ofyouthful creativity and tinged with the stresses of growing up as Black menin urban America. Songs like the lead single "What A N*gga Know", theslippery, bass-driven "Get U Now", and the album's title track explore Blackconsciousness viewed through young-but-experienced eyes. Musicallyalternating between bouncy and raw - many times both, concurrently - thetracks gave the MC's the springboard they needed to express themselvesclearly.Sadly, Subroc would face a sudden and untimely death in 1993, just as theduo were finishing the album. Grief-stricken, his brother Zev Love X - nowthe sole remaining member of the group - was determined to carry thelegacy of KMD onward, but Elektra Records unceremoniously shelved theproject in the eleventh hour, due to controversy surrounding the album'sprovocative cover art. Following the fallout with Elektra, Zev tried for years torelease the album on other labels, but he was continually met with deadends. Struggling through the pain of losing his brother, coupled with theinability to release their final project together, a discouraged Zev Love Xquietly withdrew from the scene and began quietly plotting his revenge on anindustry that had broken him spiritually. Thus, in order to understand the trueorigin story of the super-villain, MF DOOM, one must recognize andappreciate the evolution of his former group, KMD, and the backstory of theirpivotal album, Black Bastards.

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