Jameszoo - Guanyin Psittacines (10") 10"
  • Jameszoo - Guanyin Psittacines (10") 10"

Jameszoo - Guanyin Psittacines (10") 10"

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4 track E.P. from the Dutch producer Jameszoo. A perfect blend between spiritual sounds and modern experimental beatmaking!Jameszoo is a 20 year old Dutch producer named Mitchel van Dinther. A rather peculiar youngster with a unexplainable love for flora and fauna. Mitchel spent most of his time in the zoo or the local forests armed with a pair of binoculars, searching the atmosphere for rare species. His parents noticed this special interest for mother nature and donated him a parrot that goes by the name of Roberto. While playing Roberto music drenched in samples of birds Mitchel got inspired by the combination of nature + music, and started to make music of his own. Over the past 2 years, Jameszoo was steadily building his music path and along the way he stumbled upon alot of amazing Brazilian records. His fascination for this musical genre ultimately led to the descision of creating an ode to Brazilian music in the form of a full album. This 10" called Guanyin Psittacines serves as an introduction to that album. It 10" contains 4 instrumental tunes of which the inspiration was drawn from the like of Hermeto Pascaol, documentairies on nature and the parrot Roberto.

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