Hernando, Javier - Domina Esteléctrica Lp
  • Hernando, Javier - Domina Esteléctrica Lp

Hernando, Javier - Domina Esteléctrica Lp

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[ENG]Javier Hernando is a pioneer musician and a hidden talent in the Spanish electronic music scene. His long career, since the early eighties, currently has its maximum creative delivery in Dómina Esteléctrica, his first album in vinyl format. Hernando's music, which reveals a post-industrial landscape alternating with more peaceful contours of erratic calmness, transits in this album to a mediumship of sinister resonance alternating with evocative and expressive synthetic constructions. Javier Hernando's musical journey began in 1979 with his first band, Xeerox. In 1981, he embarked on his first fully electronic project, Melodinamika Sensor, which continued until 1985. During that year, three tracks by M.S. were featured on a compilation LP titled "GR002.4 Grupos de Barcelona," released by Discos Esplendor Geométrico. This compilation showcased four bands from the thriving Barcelona underground scene. From 1985 to the early nineties, Hernando co-directed the cassette label Ortega y Cassette, while also hosting "Los Silencios de la Radio" on Radio PICA. This radio program was dedicated to showcasing electronic and experimental music. In the nineties, he released new works in cassette format, including two albums on Toracic Tapes, and later published the CD "Luz Nacarina" through Geometrik Records. Subsequent releases took listeners on a journey through post-industrial landscapes, interspersed with moments of serene tranquility. These releases gained notable recognition from Geometrik, as well as other respected labels such as Alku, con-v, Nostalgie de la Boue, Anòmia, Novak, and República Ibérica Ruidista. More recent works have revealed a shift towards harmonious compositions, evident in albums like "Jardín Náufrago" released on La Olla Express. Hernando has also explored poetic atmospheres in collaborations such as the CD-book "El Archipiélago Sideral" with artist Juan Miguel Muñoz, and "Vacuola," his latest release on WD Records, in collaboration with Angel Lalinde. Currently, Hernando's...

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