Hansen, Randy - Rudolph The Red Nosed War Pig 7"
  • Hansen, Randy - Rudolph The Red Nosed War Pig 7"

Hansen, Randy - Rudolph The Red Nosed War Pig 7"

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The Earth's most famous Jimi Hendrix impersonator has returned to the medium of vinyl that he grew up with - Christmas green vinyl, in celebration of reindeer and war pigs. After all, five consecutive decades of writing Christmas jingles - along with composing seventeen minutes of the soundtrack to Francis Ford Coppola's Academy Award-winning movie Apocalypse Now - certainly attest to Randy Hansen's expertise. In 2015, Randy joined Devo in the making and recording of the band's cover, "R U Experienced". In the song's video (in which Timothy Leary's children also appear), Randy plays the master himself, Jimi Hendrix, with precision. Of course, acting is nothing new to Randy; he has appeared in Nicolas Cage films and acted alongside James Franco. Randy's guitar playing struck a chord with Herbie Hancock, who used Randy's skills, along with those of Wah Wah Watson and Carlos Santana, in recording Herbie's infamous album Monster. In courting Randy, it was important to PIG Records to capture his true essence. Visual art is one of his many talents, and we asked him to provide all of the artwork for "Rudolph the Red Nosed War Pig". We specifically requested that he work in black and white. Randy's performances are all about audience participation, and so is this single; the buyer is intended to be the colorist of the art. The seven-inch comes with crayons, so that fans can supply gRooVy colors for the front, back and interior art. Randy wanted each copy to be unique, and if the owners of each record participate, there will be no two copies alike. PIG Records is not just delivering you a listening experience. We are allowing you to imbibe the quintessence of the A1, Mr. Randy Hansen.

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