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Catalog number: VAMPILP55
Release date: 31-1-2005
EAN code: 8435008860936

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[ENG]The former wife of Miles, Betty Mabry Davis is perhaps the only woman in the world who could rightfully have the following legend tattooed across her rear: THIS ASS INVENTED FUSION. While their marriage only lasted a year (1968-1969), Betty pointed the way to Miles, introducing him to the musical and material gods of revolutionary style: Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, which would have an enormous impact on his electrified musical Frankenfussion masterpiece known as Bitches Brew. Betty ruled as the mentor-muse for the original man and his music. She was fire, "a free spirit" as Miles said. Rumor holds that Miles broke things off because he suspected that his wife was tangled up in a torrid affair with Jimi Hendrix, an infidelity that she has flatly denied to this day. She had a much rougher edge to her music than other female funk and soul artists of the '70s. Betty Davis' is one of the most extreme sounding debut records of the decade, which just like Bitches Brew takes equal parts inspiration from Hendrix and Sly. Future Journey guitarist Neal Schon gives the music its distinctly hard rock Hendrix edge. The Sly angle is fleshed out by former Family Stone drummer Gregg Errico, who plays on and produces the entire record. Former Sly bassist Larry Graham adds an even more unmistakable sound with his trademark grooves. The roster of other musicians playing on this record is impressive: Patryce Banks, Willie Sparks, and Hershall Kennedy of Graham Central Station; Tower of Power horn players Greg Adams and Michael Gillette; and the Pointer Sisters. One critic aptly described their sound as something like a cross between Tina Turner, Funkadelic, and Sly & The Family Stone. Add the futurist fashion sense of David Bowie, and the flair of Miles Davis, and you have quite a cocktail.[GER]Neben ihrer Rolle als wundervolle Funk und Soul S?ngerin hat die Musikwelt BETTY DAVIS vor allem f?r eines zu danken: sie war es die ihren Ehemann, den unvergessenen MILES DAVIS mit den Sounds von SLY STONE und JIMI HENDRIX bekan...