Hipnotik Orchestra - Dirty Windows/ After 4 Pm 7"

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Catalog number: EF45
EAN code: 8435008880743
Release date: 1-1-1980

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[ENG]The Hipnotik Orchestra, designed and orchestrated by Spanish drummer Marcial Garcia, stands alone as a remarkably eclectic group of international musicians dedicated to the fundamental principles of the funk experience. In one evening, Hipnotik's listeners experience the spectrum of musical variety, nuanced by the sounds and soul cultivated by popular music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. With the commitment of five internationally awarded musicians and the unparalleled lyrical stylings of a former New York City frontman, Andy Smart: Hipnotik Orchestra stands in solidarity with the important discovery that under the intoxicating influence of early 70's funk, combined with the heavy sway of 90's West Coast Hip-Hop, we are all connected. Not only does the Hipnotik Orchestra stand alone as one of Rotterdam's latest up-and-coming Hip-Hop orchestras, it is also a testimate to the very important reality that all men and women carry the potential to stand in solidarity with the music they love, and the people they share it with.