Winsor, Martin/jeannie Steel - Troubadours Lp

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Catalog number: LP30046
EAN code: 4251896100466
Release date: 3-12-2021

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It is a project close to the heart of JOHN CREMER, owner of the RAILROAD TRACKS STUDIOS in Cologne and renowned audio mastering engineer, who is now releasing "Troubadours" by MARTIN WINSOR and JEANNIE STEEL on his RAILROAD TRACKS label. This album is a collection of live and studio recordings from 1972.Three members of the five-piece folk band GURNEMANZ performed in 1972 at the famous TROUBADOUR on Old Brompton Road in London. The hosts of the TROUBADOUR that evening are like the title of their LP from 1972, MARTIN WINSOR, REDD SULLIVAN and JEANNIE STEEL - it is the beginning of a lifelong friendship and the idea for their bus tour. Together with SULLIVAN, WINSOR was a member of the FORTY FOUR SKIFFLE GROUP, which was founded in the 1950s.The success of their omnibus tour gave rise to the idea of ??releasing an LP on SONGBIRD, an EMI label on which GURNEMANZ had already released their second album. Shortly before this planned LP could be completed, EMI split from SONGBIRD and the record was never released - until now! JOHN CREMER has kept the recordings to this day, because before the founding of RAILROAD TRACKS he worked in the EMI Maarweg Studios as a mastering and DMM transfer technician and was responsible for the recordings of this LP.