Windler, Brent - New Morning Howl Lp

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Catalog number: GSRLP7
Release date: 20-5-2022
EAN code: 0787269005365

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[ENG]Brent's pop melodies summon the restrained beauty of his native Midwest. A fixture in Kansas City music, Windler's pacific harmonies and intricate vocal and instrumental structures capture the polite malaise of Americana as it is lived everyday in mid-sized cities of the heartland. For more than a decade, Windler has explored this terrain that has grown into a more expansive identity that perfectly captures both the sticky sameness of a Midwestern evening, and Windler's own embrace of a sound that is uniquely his own. Brent's first solo album "New Morning Howl" is an old friend joining you cross-country. As Windler narrates the tender sameness of the landscape, his arrangements and harmonies reveal hidden depths, casting the familiar in a sound that is lush, layered, and new.