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Label: MORC
Catalog number: MORC84
EAN code: 2090505077971
Release date: 10-6-2021

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More than a decade after her last solo release, Mariska Baars (a.k.a. soccer Committee) graces us with a new mini-LP. Her sound is as minimal and spartan as her amount of output. The songs are still slow, stripped-down and quiet, made with an overwhelming love for tone and sound, focussed entirely on guitar and vocals. They're definitely rooted in the folk tradition, but at the same time very ambient, in the true sense of the word. Currently based in a small Dutch village called Kekerdom, Mariska Baars has been relying on just her vocals and subtle guitar touches for over 15 years. Her last solo release, 'sC', dates back to 2007, but she released quite a few collaborations since, most notably with Rutger Zuydervelt (a.k.a. Machinefabriek), but also as a member of the improv collective Piiptsjilling and with a.o. Greg Haines, Sylvain Chaveau, Wouter van Veldhoven and Annelies Monser?. The vinyl is released in an edition of 200 copies and comes in a lush, two-colour screenprinted sleeve, based on a picture made by Mariska and designed by Rutger Zuydervelt.