Luster (belgium)/hellvete - Split 10" 10"

€ 21.99

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Release date: 22-6-2016
Label: MORC
EAN code: 2090504341899
Catalog number: MORC71

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Luster is a sixheaded beast bringing a mix of folk, doomy ballads and drones. With a.o. Annelies Monser? and members of Mote, Joe Speedboat and Edgar Wappenhalter on board, you can't go wrong. Their contribution is a unique take on the traditional 'Are You Going To Leave Me?', probably best known in the version of Shirley Collins. The version of Luster is a lot moodier. Hellvete is the solo project of Glen Steenkiste, a member of psych outfit Sylvester Anfang II and Bow Aether Group. He produces hypnotic ballads on harmonium and electronics, flowing freely in the spheres of minimalism, drones and folk music.