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Eté & Los Problems - El Éxodo Lp

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[ENG]If the first album by Los Problems "Malditos banquetes" already introduced Ernesto Tabárez aka E.T as an unique character with a fierceful energy and sound, and second work "Vil" is proof of his skills as a hitmaker that should be mainstream in a more sane world, "El éxodo" appeared as best of both worlds, as a result, an album that was (and is) in a way, an intimate catharsis during a period of changes, expressed throughout songs with lyrical finesse that evoque Tabárez's obessions (from basketball to Steinbeck's work or the religious overtones of The Who-but with Uruguayan poetic identity of Darnauchans, Zitarrosa, Fernando Cabrera- All recurrent references in his work and interviews). Finesse aside, the album is also considered a shamelessly charged in Rock piece, that started to be considered, both locally as internationally, like a Zombie Genre, incapable of expressing anything relevant in these present times. An album that emerged from a personal crisis, climbed on the opposite direction of the intimate and light path of the indie genre, to shout and rasp, even in the single that broke through "Jordan", paradoxically made famous on that same indie audience, with a mix of post-teenage desolation, pop melodies and some Montevidean imaginary, this track helped E.T. Y Los Problems and "El éxodo" album to establish themselves as one of the last standing groups of Rioplatense rock scene.

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