Living Ornaments/accelera Deck - #1 Narrowminded Split Lp

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Catalog number: NM11
Release date: 7-5-2003
EAN code: 2090405156943

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The first installment in the split lp series consist of music by the Dutch duo Living Ornaments and the American artist Accelera Deck. Each side of the record contains a complete work clocking in at about twenty minutes. Side A is Ribbels bij Living Ornaments. This piece features mostly piano and guitar music that have been treated with electronics to a fresh result. Emotional, tonal, spherical and technical elements blend in these eleven tracks that show parallels with the music of Christian Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Boards of Canada. Side B is a buzzing, dark and moody piece of music by Accelera Deck entitled Spangle. In four tracks Accelera Deck explores the dark depths of guitarnoise and eventually ends up in warm acoustic glitch-folk. Accelera Deck is Chris Jeely from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Chris played and recorded in numerous rock bands, influenced heavily by the textures of My Bloody Valentine and the early 90s shoegaze scene. It was the release of Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works Volume II and Seefeels Quique that inspired Chris to begin experimenting with guitar and sampler. He began recording as Accelera Deck sometime after October 1995, when a fire claimed all of his music equipment. With a little insurance money, a four track and guitar were purchased. From then on Chris music touched every colour of the musical spectrum: from beat-oriented electronics to acoustic guitarstrumming. Throughout his time recording Chris has dabbled in releasing music under a variety of names like September Plateau, Exhalera Deck, Audio Wishe and Your Favorite Horse. Many limited edition singles and eps have been recorded for a variety of esteemed labels such as Morr Music, Neo Ouija, Blackbean & Placenta and 555 Recordings. Accelera Deck contributed a track to the Were Running Out of West compilation LP and his Spangle EP to Narrominded Split LP Series #1.