Volume Groop - Movement And Music For Schools 7"

€ 15.99

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Catalog number: PY142
EAN code: 2090505048728
Release date: 1-3-2021

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The long-awaited return to the PY fold (after 6 years in hibernation), for the mysterious Volume Groop. Having lasted this long without revealing their identities, the enigmatic artistes continue their exploratory electronics project, "as an imagined soundtrack to physical education in 1970s Britain- experiments in Primary school educational electronics for PE". All 4 tracks were created with the use of a Roland SH101, a school organ, a procoder and a Roland Space Echo RE-201. The tracks were created and recorded in the school hall with the help of the children. Like the accompanying Masonic Kitchen 45, this ticks all your boxes for fans of early Mute, some early Cherry Red; sometimes lighter, more playful synthpop, sometimes a little more darker and menacing. From the lightness and space of Cluster & Eno to the darker hand of Chris Carter; this EP's a beauty; a 4 track minimal synth EP, over 10 minutes @ 45rpm - an EP like the old days and expected to sell out quick style. 250 copies.