Nerds With Acid - Op Mijn Balkon/look At The Sky 7"

€ 15.99

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Catalog number: UNB71108
Release date: 8-6-2021
EAN code: 2090505087635

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Nerds With Acid from the east of the Netherlands are acid lovers with a strong attraction for old Roland machines and a variety of samplers. After numerous digital releases, and some cassette tapes, The Nerds decided that it's time for the first vinyl release. This 'Acid Yellow' 7 inch record with homemade artwork including their cats and synthesizers, contains two sizzling, sour acid tracks. On side A you'll find a slow acid dancer called 'Op Mijn Balkon' with some catchy Dutch lyrics. Side B contains 'Look At The Sky', a dystopian electro track, which was released on tape first, but deserved to be on vinyl as well.