Masonic Kitchen - Stahlex Theme 7"

€ 15.99

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Release date: 1-3-2021
EAN code: 2090505048735
Catalog number: PY140

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Masonic Kitchen is the solo project of Chris Walker, whose inspiration came when he found an obscure 1970's sc-fi novel in his local bookshop's bargain pile. Its intriguing cover (with Asimov font) and story's themes "despite being quite dated, inspired 4 tunes that easily have been conceived in the late '70s or early '80s. PY lifted 2 of these tracks for the 7" here and both are just fabulous; ticking all the minimal synth boxes- sequencers, drum machines etc etc. The A side is a particular banger and is already incredibly well received after initial listens to it's teaser clip online. B side 'T-City Scavenger' is also right up there, another killer track. The single is expected to sell out super quick and comes hugely recommended to fans of the early Cabs, Chris & Cosey, early Human League, DAF, Fad Gadget etc... 250 copies.