Infant Cycle - Secret Hidden Message 7"

€ 14.99

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Release date: 28-11-2008
Label: DRONE
EAN code: 2090503217560
Catalog number: DR95

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THE INFANT CYCLE is a long operating experimental project from Ontario (Canada), active since 1992 with many releases on MC & CDR on different labels and the home imprint THE CEILING. The three pieces on this EP were created using sounds from various instruments as Trombone, guitar, windchimes, marimba, birdcage, etc.. The result sounds rather electronic & hypnotic, with bright shining drones & repetitive rhythmic patterns & loops moving into more amorphous & multilayered sounding electro-acoustics. In spite of the rather experimental working-methods the outcome is very compact & condensed. THE INFANT CYCLEs approach to sound is based on the belief that words and explanations can only fail to describe or explain it, what is needed is a non-verbal, intuitive understanding of the work: "The artist's ego must not inhibit the piece's effect. It is the sound you are hearing, not the artist." Is the artist playing the sound or the sound playing the artist? File under: Multilayered Drone-Hypnotism. Foggy vinyl, black covers with different sized black spots on it & transparent coverage using Infant Cycle logo. Limited to 300 copies.