Ctephin - Duad 7"

€ 13.99

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Catalog number: DR97
Release date: 22-1-2010
Label: DRONE
EAN code: 2090503393318

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"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union". CTEPHIN is a curious "drone-family" built around the main couple StF & Aedria Hughes who create atmospheric & noisy soundscapes, with various friends and their 7 children. Calling themselves "Umbrella Noize Collective", they live to the: "Law of Liberty as laid out in Liber AL vel Legis". DUAD is their first vinyl release and uses pumping drones, field recordings (rain), guitars, metallic effects and a kind of very harmonic cembalo instrument. The two tracks develop in a lovely way; from pure ambience to noise and back. The same use of beautiful harmonics & noise-drones creates quite a special atmosphere, from NOISE LIGHT to LIGHT NOISE. Golden vinyl with lovely marble effect & silver-gold labels. Black covers with thick white paint stamped on. Red inlay with golden print. Limited to 300 copies.