Berrocal, Jac/marie France/jack Belsen - Marie-antoinette Is Not Dead 7"

€ 18.99

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Catalog number: ROTOR3
Release date: 15-8-2010
EAN code: 2090503474185

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Crystal transparent 7" vinyl encrusted with white sprayings, glossy cover, numbered and stamped edition limited to 470 copies. A stunning collaboration between four entities who all left an indelible track: Jac Berrocal, a visionary poet and avantgarde trumpeter, Jack Belsen who founded with F.J. Ossang in 1980 the Messagero Killer Boy, Marie France, singer,actress, muse, and at last the presence of the author of the letter and the poem put in music, the Queen of France Marie-Antoinette, the fourth protagonist. "Je vous veux" on side A is a cosmic and sensual ballad, a perfect compromise between the lascivious and velvety words of Marie France and Belsen's powerful solemn machines and jumbles of guitars mingled with the whistlings of Berrocal's flute. "Marie-Antoinette is not dead ou dans quelle position je vous laisse" plunges us into the night, at 4.30 in the morning, the time when Marie-Antoinette writes her last letter. Machines lead the countdown in a western-tinted suspense and an atmosphere a la Lynch, punctuated with the sentences of Marie France who reads Marie-Antoinette until the sharp and brutal final blade.A sharp and historic 7".