Raaskalbomfukkerz - Vlucht Witte Raven (10") 10"

€ 20.99

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Release date: 1-11-2014
EAN code: 2090504091886
Catalog number: TOZ14

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A 2014 release on 10-inch vinyl. The RaaskalBOMfukkerZ (which translates into "gibberish bomb-fuckers") is a two-person battalion operating from the squatted freeports of the Netherlands, mainly Amsterdam. In 2004 they started their guerrilla battle for both more artistic and political balls and sheer insanity in Dutch hip-hop and far beyond. This resulted in notorious costumed live-shows, where experimental beats caused by uninsured illegal operations of Dr. Snoodaard are combined with unhygienic sample gear and boards. Upon this the Formulator (f.k.a. the Silent Partner) erupts combinations of (un-)conscious lyrix, stomachetwisting (sound-)poetic eruptions and unrecognizable human beat boxing-sessions. A bewildering hit at countless festivals, clubs and squats. They believe intellectual property is theft and every soul is free to upload, download or remix their stuff.