Petrels - All Things In Common (10") 10"

€ 24.99

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Release date: 27-1-2012
EAN code: 4024572520250
Catalog number: DENLP120

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In line with the debut album "Haeligewielle" Denovali Records releases the 2nd solo output of Oliver Barrett (Bleeding Heart Narrative). 2 Tracks - both almost 10 minutes long and just as good as the album. Something you shouldnt miss! Petrels (Oliver Barrett) is swiftly becoming the drone world's answer to I Like Trains, dredging history to find the noble, the foolhardy, the lost: stories buried under rocks like diamonds and worms. (...) The coda makes a fitting companion to the title piece, reaffirming Barrett's ability to work acrosss genres and to stitch them together as lithely as he connects stories. The artist has an instinctive eye for buried patterns, which allows him to tie threads together that few others would have considered. Haeligewielle was the announcement of a new and singular talent, and All Things In Common is its confirmation. (Richard Allen, The Silent Ballet (8/10)). Limited to 300 copies.